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Through the eyes of a Preschool Educator

Through the eyes of a Preschool Educator-Shilpa Potnis

Posted by Ms.Shilpa Potnis Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hi! I am a Preschool Educator and a Teacher Trainer for over decades now. I would like to bring to you some of my learning and their interpretations from my years of experience while working with the young ones. We all face these in every preschool setup and work towards effective handling of the same in our own unique ways.

I am going to go in and out of the minds of Preschool teachers as well as the Preschool children in order to unravel the mysteries and mazes that seem to dominate their minds forever! Also, I shall give some tips and suggestions that seem to have worked for me and many of my friends from the same field. Some of the content may seem repetitive to you, however, the same I assume shall be enlightening for others who are new into this profession.

During my training programmes, whenever I put this question of "who is a Preschool Educator?" to all my students, I usually get an answer (that seems 'typical'!)…"Preschool educator is one who loves being with young children". Now, that answer sets me thinking every time! Is my love for the young children enough to have kept me tied to this profession for over 25 years!! Well, yes and no! Yes, because it did initiate me into this vast field of early childhood. No, because my desire to know more and more about this wonderful age group and unravel the mysteries of their minds is what kept me going. I had enormous opportunities to explore and experiment various hypothesis and learn from them by proving them either way.

To begin with, we shall here explore the role of teachers, duties of teachers, others in the life of a preschooler and the impact they have, importance of learning life skills, teacher expectations from preschoolers, parental view of a preschool teacher and many more such topics. The life of a preschool educator is filled with laughter, joy and happiness if he/she has come into this profession by choice. For others, this has come as a surprise package that one cannot ignore and only enjoy it while it lasts!

Through my weekly blogs, I would like to share my thoughts on early childhood years from a Preschool educator's perspective.

Happy reading and would love to see inputs from all likeminded educators!