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Teacher, are you ready for me!

Teacher, are you ready for me-Shilpa Potnis

Posted by Ms.Shilpa Potnis Tuesday, 01 August 2017

Most Preschool educators ask this question to themselves at some point – "Am I ready?" But, please feel good, children ask the same question – "Are you ready?" and along with them, the parents are also 'checking out' - you – the teacher! When the parent hands over his/ her precious bundle for the very first time to you – the teacher, he/ she 'check you out' in great detail. Please do not get offended by this, as the 'checking out' is purely to see if you fit the bill of a teacher who is going to soon be a major influence in their child's life, even more that the parent himself/ herself!

Teachers, allow the parents to do their job, we shall do ours!!

What does it really means to "be ready"? Well, a Preschool educator requires special agility and unique mental alertness at all times. Physical agility to do all kinds of acrobats and yoga poses to 'catch' the young explorers and mental alertness to 'catch' the constant flow of darts coming our way as questions and puzzled looks and blank looks and frowns and many more such non verbal or verbal cues from the ever curious active minds.

In order to 'be ready', we – the preschool teachers, require special training of the mind and body. This training can be effective only when we as teachers turn into learners first and then facilitators for the preschoolers in our classes. Becoming learners is not an easy task, we need to keep all our senses open and experience the world as a child in our classes would experience. The best ways to do this is get down on your knees and go about the classroom exploring the space with hands, eyes, ears, nose and maybe tongue (!)

However, much before we even do this, let us first check the below checklist for our readiness:

  • Hearty breakfast
  • Refreshed sleep
  • Comfortable clothing
  • All personal worries locked for now!

For a preschool teacher, it is extremely important that you begin you day with a refreshed sleep and a hearty breakfast. With this in place, the day is all set for you. Yes, wearing comfortable clothing is a must, if I am going to worry about my low neckline, tight pants, high heels, etc I shall not be able to jump and dance and be free with the children.

Keeping personal worries locked out is only to ensure that the teacher is mentally available to the children at all times. All of us have our bit of emotional baggage; the trick is to keep it locked as at the end of the day, you may feel the load of this very baggage much lighter!!! Reason is simple, all the laughter and fun time that you have with the children releases the 'feel-good' hormone dopamine and 'happy hormone' serotonin in you and relieves your stress, preparing you to tackle the personal situation better with a clear mind.

Enjoy your day…the fun way!